Company Conditions

All prices quoted in the shop are in CHF and are subject to change without notice. Converted prices into other currencies are indicative and subject to price fluctuations. Our company fixes once a month the exchange rate. The Swiss prices are calculated with 7.7% VAT. To be able to calculate your price abroad, Swiss VAT must be deducted. At the moment VAT in Switzerland is 7.7%. (Eg CHF 107.7 ./. 107.7% x (100 + your local VAT). You may also be charged for custom duty, administrative costs, and will be charged additionally for packaging, shipping and transport insurance. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict their amount, customs regulations vary considerably from country to country, and you, as an importer, must comply with local regulations and bear all applicable fees and expenses directly to the authorities.

All deliveries are at the expense and risk of the customer. To make an insurance against damage of any kind has to be done by the customer. Complaints relating to damage, delay or loss must be reported by the customer immediately upon receipt of the goods directly to the shipping, transport or insurance company and any claims asserted there. If your financial circumstances deteriorate after conclusion of the contract, we shall be entitled to refuse the service incumbent on us until our claim has been settled or security has been paid for claims which are not yet due. We can also withdraw the contract if the customer fails to meet his obligations.

By signing the purchase contract or clicking on the terms and conditions it enters into force and is irrevocably.

Until full payment of the purchase price, including any interest and fees, the products, their components and accessories remain the property of the company CARUSO FREELAND. The buyer expressly authorizes the company CARUSO FREELAND to reserve this title. If there is deterioration in your financial circumstances and you carry out a pledge and collateral assignment with our products, these are not permitted. The product remains our property if the customer has not paid in full the amount and has not respected the deadline.

The shipping costs are flat rate for B Post CHF 10.- and A Post CHF 12.- incl. Packaging, incl. Insurance up to max. CHF 500 g to 1 kg. If the weight is higher, then the shipping amount will increase. If the amount exceeds CHF 500, the customer can request up to max. Insure CHF 1500 (surcharge CHF 2.-) If the amount exceeds this, then the customer must take out his own insurance.

Express delivery costs will be charged additionally CHF 15.- plus the selected express fee depending on weight and express. For Switzerland, tell us whether you choose Express Lightning or Moon. Express lightning and moon are not possible for all destinations and cities. Inform yourself at your post office.

For foreign countries let us know if you would like the package via FEDEX Economy or FEDEX International Priority. Economy and Priority costs are calculated by country weight and zone. We recommend the FEDEX Economy running time approx. 3-4 working days (without guarantee) Costs Economy 1-2000g for zone in Europe starts at = EUR 24 other zones the price increases. Priority 1-2000g for Zone R & S from = EUR 39.60 other zones, the price is higher. Since our glasses have a very light weight with a few grams, the weight is usually between 1-500g. For deliveries abroad there is no insurance. You can insure the delivery for additional 2% of the value of the goods. But you have to choose it. Price changes, shortness on delivery, technical changes, product changes, errors and misprints are reserved. The payment may only be made once we have sent you the definitive invoice. For foreign countries, we offer the following service: The goods are delivered to your door and you can follow your product if desired with the tracking number. You can see where the package is currently located. Fees for customs clearance are at your expense; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict the amount. Customs regulations vary considerably from country to country. You, as an importer, must comply with the relevant national regulations and bear all applicable fees and costs directly to the authorities.

Decision on repair or replacement of a product lies with the company CARUSO FREELAND. Excluded from the repair are wear parts, filters, as well as improper handling of the products. In case of caused defects done by the buyer, then the buyer has to bear all the cost for the clarifications. If false statements or allegations are made, the person or the company is liable for the damage incurred. These include E.g. All clarifications such as laboratory test, internal and external, administration costs, image damage due to false statements, etc.

Shipping to Switzerland and abroad. Ordered items will be delivered within one week. If an item is currently unavailable or out of stock, we will immediately notify you of an alternative product. For partial deliveries in Switzerland, the postage will only be charged once. Excluded are the subsequent prescription deliveries.

As a rule, we only deliver against advance payment, payable net no discount or shipping cost reductions are allowed to be done. For first-time customers and for orders from P.O. Box, we reserve the right to delivery against cash on delivery or advance payment. For regular customers in Switzerland, who pay within the deadline, the company reserves the right to bill against net invoice within 30 days. The company CARUSO® & FREELAND® is under no circumstances liable for consequential damages and lost profits as well as for delays, shortness of delivery, assortment adjustments or product blocking, as well as for majeure force. For foreign countries only prepayment is possible.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE applies only to Switzerland. If you do not like it, you can make use of our right of return within 10 days of the date of invoice, otherwise this claim will be forfeited. Return the products in the original packaging, unused and undamaged, with the invoice copy to: CARUSO® & FREELAND®, Onlineshop, Neusatzstr. 10, 8212 Neuhausen, Switzerland (postage at the sender’s expense and will not be refunded by us). There is no right to return any used or damaged products. The warranty applies only to the pilot’s frame, which are within the 12 months of the date of purchase and the glasses which have been properly handled. Improper treatment will void the warranty. The filters (glasses) are excluded from the warranty as it is a consumable. The warranty is only valid for aviator sunglasses and not for the rest of the product line. You must be able to present a proof of purchase or invoice with the date and within the above 12 months of the date of purchase. Improper cleaning as well as changes, deformations of the spectacle frame, which are carried out on own direction, no warranty claims can be asked. Before any warranty claim, the customer must contact the company CARUSO FREELAND. The customer will then receive a warranty number which entitles him to send the product to the company CARUSO FREELAND for review. Without this number, we reserve the right not to repair glasses and dispose of them properly. We inform our foreign customers how and where to send the parcel. If a product is sent back to Switzerland, e.g. as a repair, the written value may not exceed CHF 5. If this is not done, the sender must take over the VAT, customs and administration costs incurred and refund them to the company CARUSO & FREELAND.

For Switzerland, the first order, payment in advance, for existing customers, the company decides whether to invoice within 30 days net delivery, otherwise also applies prepayment. Here is our bank account: Migros Bank AG, Schaffhausen, Account No. 16 165.188.4 / 05, IBAN CH13 0840 1016 1651 8840 5 (For each payment, the invoice number and the name of the customer must be given). Bank payments may only be transferred if the customer has received the confirmed, including definitive invoice number which we have sent by e-mail. Other currencies except Swiss francs are not allowed even not on PayPal.

For foreign countries, prepayment to our bank account of Migros Bank AG Schaffhausen,
For the EU countries which have the EURO currency, we recommend the SEPA payment in EUR to Migrosbank, Schaffhausen, Clearing no. 8401 Account No. 16 201 010 6.06 IBAN CH02 0840 1016 2010 1060 6 BIC: MIGRCHZZ80A (For each payment the invoice number must be and the name of the customer are given). Bank payments may only be transferred if the customer has received the confirmed and definitive invoice and invoice number from us by e-mail.

Other currencies except Swiss Francs and EURO are not allowed.

If the customer is in arrears with the payment of a debt, he owes a default interest of 7 percent per annum from the invoice date. In case of late payment, the matter can be transferred to a collection agency, which can charge the buyer administrative costs.

Outside the breach of essential duties, liability for slight negligence is excluded, but in any case limited to the amount of the purchase price.

Product design, filter technologies, software, accessories, electronics, logos, design, website videos, films, including the documentation supplied with the sale, remain the exclusive intellectual property of CARUSO FREELAND.

Orders by minors and wards are only allowed with the consent of the legal representative and must be signed by the representative or ordered directly from the representative.

For the recommendations, our customers can participate in the point collecting. These points are not paid out and can only be redeemed for CARUSO FREELAND products. They expire after 12 months. These points cannot be matched with other families or people. You can, however, purchase or buy a point by a gift card from us and pass it on.

8212 Neuhausen / SH, Switzerland

For customers in Switzerland or with foreign domicile or place of business, Schaffhausen is the place of debt collection and the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all proceedings. This contract is subject to Swiss law, which comes about through disputes. The interpretation and fulfillment of this contract are the responsibility of the courts of the canton of Schaffhausen.

Incidentally, Swiss law is applicable to the contractual relationship.


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