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You are ordering the replacement clip for the CARUSO CR777 glasses. The clip is supplied without a nose pad. To fit the clip, you must have a CR777 nose pad. In this case, you can order a monofocal, bifocal, varifocal prescription, or clip for working in front of the computer.

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Information on how to proceed after receiving the clip.

Procedure after you have bought the clip. You go to your optician with the glasses and the transparent filter. After he has successfully carried out the eye test and you agree with the new correction, the optician can fill in data on the A4 sheet that we sent you with the glasses.

It is important that the PD (pupillary distance) is measured individually on the left and right. The height must also be measured exactly with our CARUSO glasses. In the case of progressive lenses, the optician should take into account that the near range (reading range) does not exceed 18mm (max. +2mm). The CVD value is the distance between the closed eye and our correction lens. To measure these three values to the nearest mm, you need the CARUSO glasses. Without the CARUSO glasses it is not possible to make a pair of correction glasses. Once this is done, please send us the data sheet to the e-mail address . Send back only the clip without the nose piece. Do not forget to write your address, e-mail and telephone number on it. If you do this, the deposit you paid will be refunded when you receive the correction clip or deducted from the correction invoice. You can put the clip and the completed A4 sheet in an envelope. The delivery address to us is CARUSO & FREELAND GmbH, Neusatzstrasse 10, 8212 Neuhausen, Switzerland. Please write free exchange and a value of CHF 15, EUR 15 or US$ 15. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.


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