CARUSO Anti-fogging agent extension for AG0029 + R8027

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Extension of the anti-fog system by applying the liquid to the wet and cleaned filters. Only possible the marked articles as (see description)

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Important instructions of the remedy:
After cleaning the glass in wet condition, apply a drop of CARUSO liquid to the inside of the glass with your finger and spread it over the glass and let it dry.
The extension has to be applied again and again.
This agent only works with the CARUSO AF-Pro anti-fog system.
Here are some models: TF900.., AG0029… R-8027.., 2831..,


If the glasses are very dirty, you can take lukewarm water, rinse off dust, dirt and mineral salts and remove the fatty substances with liquid soap.
After this procedure, rinse the lens carefully and thoroughly.
When the lens is clean but wet, apply a drop of CARUSO liquid evenly to the lens and allow to dry.
Even if there is a light smear, this is no problem. As soon as the sweat liquid comes during sports activity, it will disappear by itself after a few minutes.
ATTENTION: The lens must never be dried with a cloth. The filter must always be dried in the air.


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