CARUSO® Yellow UHD Night Filter & LED Optical Line Pilot

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– CARUSO pilot glasses the unique eye protection with real light stress reduction – UVC + UVB + UVA 100% + blue light approx. 87%.
– (Attention what you should know about blue light filters: Many spectacle wearers who wear transparent glasses or glasses with a yellowish tint may have very low blue light protection. This can be about 20%, the remaining 80% of the blue light radiation must be taken over by your eyes, which can leave its traces in the long run) Blue light protection does not mean that it is a sufficient blue light protection for your eyes. It is similar in the IR range. Colours and tinting say nothing about protection.
– Better dust and polarity protection, no more watery eyes
– With blue light and infrared filters we protect the rear part of the eye like macula and retina.
– Eye such as conjunctiva, cornea, lens, vitreous body, macular and retina are relieved by the CARUSO filter.
– perfect side and wind protection + as well as extended field of vision
– Replaceable filters
– Filter for day “sun protection” and night or computer LED night and screen protection
– Corrections can also be incorporated into single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses
– Colour recognition according to ISO 12312, ISHIHARA
– Color suitability for pilots in the cockpit, tested according to JAR-FCL-3 Ophthalmologist Dr. B. Kopp
– Colour and roadworthiness tested according to standard (EN 1836:2005)/ISO 12312
– 3D view with increased contrast, better depth of field, for more safety (power lines, etc.)
– lightweight Al/Mg and plastic frame with memory effect
– eyelash distance regulator and built-in welding stopper
– Thanks to HD “High Definition”, instruments are very easy to read, no image and text distortion
– CE mark
– Category 0
– anti-scratch coating
– Recommendation after cataract surgery (reason “brown lens” was removed, blue light and IR go with full efficiency on the macula and retina).
– The filter color yellow gives you an increased contrast.
– Very fast adaptation time from light to dark or back to light at tunnel entrances and exits and this in fractions of a second.
– CARUSO filters are not too dark so we activate your own protection
– Perfect hold and comfort thanks to integrated springs
– Instant adjustments for sports and leisure activities thanks to flexible, adjustable temples
– ideal under the helmet and headphones with possible pressure adjustment
– Your eye and correction lenses are well protected
– Modular and multifunctional system
– case + microfibre wipes are included in delivery
– REAL ADDED VALUE – Important recommendation: After cataract surgery the old lens was removed (self-protection “brown lens = cataract”), so the blue light goes with full energy on the macula and retina). The macula and retina were and are not protected with 100% UV protection. The rear part of the eyes get the measurable high energy blue light and IR depending on the position of the sun and season even more intense to feel, because the self-protection was removed with the surgery. After the cataract surgery there is a possible danger that the AMD (age-related macular degeneration) can be accelerated by the high amount of energy. We therefore recommend using a CARUSO filter to prevent this and to stop the light radicals better and to protect the anterior and posterior part of the eyes.
– What you need to know: Filters with 100% UV protection protect only the front part of the eye such as conjunctiva and cornea and lens. CARUSO sunglasses protect with the right construction and a UV blue light protection given if with an IR protection additionally still the rear part. The rear part of the eye is just as important, if not more important, as there are no spare parts for the macula and retina.
– Cleaning instructions for HD glasses: The filters can be cleaned dry with a microfibre cloth. If the glasses are very dirty, we recommend that you rinse them with lukewarm water, then distribute with detergent on both sides and rinse well. Then take a clean cloth and dry the glasses. Attention: Never dry spectacle lenses that are anti-fogged with a cloth. Always leave to dry in the air.
Side protection
with replaceable filters
yellow night filter
ideal for sports activities
reduces tears in the eyes
good insect protection


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