CR777 Pilot OVAL Frame anthracite / Filter brown-antireflection

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CARUSO CR777 (R)Evolution is unique sunglass for your eyes in design, protection and technology.


CARUSO CR777 glasses are unique in design, eye protection, technology, and comfort. We have achieved this through over 20 years in research and development.

But how is it different from ordinary sunglasses? Conventional sunglasses protect only the front part of the eyes (conjunctiva, cornea, and lens etc.) with 100% UV protection. We want to go one essential step further and protect the complete eye from dangerous radiation. This includes the irreplaceable macula and retina.

To ensure this protection, we offer blue light protection (390nm – 500nm) with our sunglasses on the one hand. (We filter from 390nm to 460nm and more of the weighted dangerous radiation). Furthermore, the sunglass lenses ensure colour recognition (according to EN 12312 standard), which keeps the CR777 roadworthy despite blue light protection. The CARUSO sunglasses were developed for aviation and are used there with success. The installation of reading glasses or corrective lenses is for the model CR777 additionally possible.

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Increased eye protection

  • 100% UV
  • Blue light protection up to 460nm is built into the plastic and not vapour-deposited
  • Comprehensive eye protection (complete eye, i.e. conjunctiva, cornea, lens, macula and retina))
  • Reduces light stress (at work or during leisure time)
  • By dispensing with the frame, an extended field of vision at the top as well as at the side is possible, as well as a reduction in weight Increased side protection
  • Optimisation of the filter transmittance so that adjustments can be made quickly when the light changes between light and dark. (e.g. tunnel entrance and exit)

Filter properties and colour recognition

  • Filter types selectable: brown, brown anti-reflex, brown gold, gradient with colour gradient, brown with polarisation filter (POL not suitable for flight) and yellow night / computer filter
  • Colour recognition guaranteed (according to ISO 12312 and ISHIHARA colour test)
  • Optimised according to JAR FCL 3 (ophthalmologist Dr. B. Kopp) Contrast increase (improved 3D vision)
  • UHD “Ultra High Definition
  • Flawless screen recognition without distortion
  • Exchangeable lenses possible without screws
  • Antireflection coating selectable.
  • Anti-scratch coating on the filters

Adjustments / frame features / wearing comfort.

  • Frame is made of high-quality aluminium-magnesium
  • Adjustable frame for sports and leisure activities or under headset or helmet
  • Modern and functional design
  • Adjustable nosepiece and temples
  • Very light weight (approx. 25 gr.)
  • Available in various frame colours (Swiss colour lacquer) black, anthracite, champagne, pearl white resistant to sweat and sunscreen.
  • Built-in adjustable springs for maximum wearing comfort

Design with face shape integration

  • Universal lens design for the five face shapes such as
  • Oval, Round, Diamond, Heart, Square and Trapezoidal shapes
  • Modular system possible

Reading glasses and correction

  • Upgradeable with corrective lenses (single vision, bifocal or progressive) (Prescription lenses not possible with art. CR777 thin)

Other / additional benefits

  • Case + microfibre cloth included in delivery
  • Clip Kit: Sweat stopper, correction clip and tool as option

Real Added Value CE marked


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