Pro Himalaya Eagle Pilot 460nm (brown pilot filter) Stone

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best UV-side and wind protection
UVC+UVB+UVA+Blue-Light+IR 280-460nm increased contrast, better colour fastness
Colour suitability tested for pilots in the cockpit, according to ophthalmologist Dr. B. Kopp
complies with the EN 1836:2005 standard,
CE marked, declaration of conformity according to ECS received
extended field of view
for all who are looking for and want the highest UV, blue light and IR protection for their eyes
and still not want to do without the colours.
Patent Pending
no more watery eyes,
frame colour black
UVC+UVB+UVA+blue light 280-450nm
The eye, lens and retina are relieved and better protected from medium and long-term damage such as cataracts and AMD = retinal detachment,
Filter color orange gives you an increased contrast, more depth of field, better contours are visible, ideal for non-photosensitive eyes
perfect hold due to adjustable rubber band

ideal under or over the helmet
AF PRO anti-fog filter expandable thanks to supplied additive
in the cleaned and wet state, if necessary, distribute a drop optimally inside the filter and allow to dry half an hour before use.
The glasses are ultra-light, compact and small, and do not require any space compared to conventional glasses.
it is the smallest ski goggles in the world that works with the AF system
a special joint adapts to each head type
ideal for small, medium or large heads
additionally included in the price: a black case with magnetic fastener + belt buckle device + microfibre cloth
Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, paragliding and delta flying, snow tours, surfing, etc.
Important cleaning instructions for glasses: The filters can be cleaned dry with a microfibre cloth. Never clean and dry the filter with a small cloth when it is damp. If the glasses are very dirty, you can take lukewarm water, rinse off all mineral salts and only then put a drop of liquid dish soap on your finger and clean the glass with it. After this procedure, rinse the lens carefully and thoroughly. If there is a lot of lime in the water, you can rinse with distilled water or generate steam yourself with a little water. We don’t need heat or hot water splashes. It is only important that the filter is wetted from both sides with sufficient moisture. Nanotechnology can thus optimally reposition itself.
ATTENTION: The lens must never be dried with a cloth. The filter must always be dried in the air.

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